Tea is personal to us. We value every cup and ensure that every leaf and bud that goes into each cup is measured and tested by a certified connoisseur. Our homegrown blends come from the best tea fields of Assam and Darjeeling and the ones we outsource come to us from Srilanka, China, and South Africa. Each cup is a reminder of a land far, far away. Experts and herbal specialists curate our herbal concoctions and our tisanes to blend the right tastes and tricks to give you the ultimate tea experience.

Apart from teas, our café also serves some scrumptious finger food, tea snacks, and global delicacies. Our talented chefs are constantly innovating new dishes, upgrading regular café snacks to make them stand out and gracing our menu with something new, something different each time!

Must Haves:

Rose Oolong Tea with Butter Garlic Fries.