It is truly said, variety is the spice of life. And with a brand like ours – it is also the talk of the town. If handling a successfully running brand and taking it forward is your cup of tea, then this is an opportunity just for you.

Half the world wakes up to tea every morning and depends on it to run the rest of their day but not everyone knows the right tea that suits their taste buds. That’s where we come in – with our unique blends and our very own brand of tea. We, the promoters at Varietea, are originally into the tea business for decades. The idea of starting a tea-themed café also stems from our idea of educating people about teas and helping them find their personal blend of tea. It is with the same passion and motivation that we’re now offering franchisees and spreading the miracle that tea is – to as many people as possible.

However, don’t think that Varietea is just all about teas – the café is a hotspot for youngsters and families alike, it is a preferred spot for professionals to have informal meetings, for friends to catch up and for families to spend some quality time. All this over scrumptious food, innovated by our team in-house.

We are looking at collaborating with partners who share our love for tea and business both. In our website, you will find everything you need to know about the way we run our business and how we intend to take it forward.

Rishit Patel
Founder - Director,
Variety Foods

We want to make tea look cool again! With cafes being synonymous with coffee, we’re here with our fragrant and unique tea blends, that go well with the delicious tidbits we serve.

With this one singular vision and a passion for tea and hospitality in mind, we constantly strive to achieve excellence, be it in our expansion plans or in the blends we use. We work in harmonious collaboration with our partners and associates ensuring 100% transparency and trustworthy work ethics at every step. We aim to make Varietea one of the most loved hangout places for all ages alike, and in a lot of places.

We don't discriminate – partner, associate or customer – for us everyone is a part of the vast Varietea family. We truly believe that what we have built on, is a pyramid of trust, hard work, conscience, and dedication. For the whole pyramid to work – we treat everyone involved as equals.

Apart from being one of the first few tea cafes in India, here are some things you didn’t know about us:

  1. We’ve been managing our existing tea lounges AND training as herbalists for the past decade. Our expertise in knowing blends isn't just limited to taste – it transcends into health, nutrition, and well-being also.
  2. A lot of the tea served at Varietea is homegrown and organic. Ours is essentially a tea business based in Kolkata and we export to various places across the globe. Varietea is a venture that helps us expand and expend our tea knowledge to a larger audience.
  3. We are the only retailers in the industry at present, with such a large variety of teas – almost over 100 and counting!
  4. Every single Varietea outlet is designed with utmost love, care and perfection to make it seem like a cozy, haven for our customers. The interiors exude a chic, sophisticated vibe. But we’re no fuss and frills!
  5. Every single one of our products and offerings is high quality and made with the best order of hygiene and care.